Customized Bagan Day Tours

Bagan is home to one of the greatest religious sites in the world. Our private Bagan temple tours are an excellent way to spend time exploring the ancient temple ruins. Discover your next adventure in style and comfort on our premium award-winning tours.

Want to skip the crowds? We visit the most majestic temples in Bagan, as well as less-visited secret spots and insider tips. Avoid tour buses and crowds with our private Bagan temple tours. Reserve your space now!

Join us for the intimate, once-in-a-lifetime experience that you traveled so far to find. Forget the big bus tours – we invite you to join our family of village communities for an amazing day out in Bagan!

Customize Your Bagan Tour Itinerary Now!

What if I want to design my own tour? For example, combine a horse carriage ride at sunrise with a private sunset cruise on the Irrawaddy with views of Bagan’s golden temples. Or create a more active day out by going mountain biking. Explore off the beaten path temples in Bagan and make new friends on a rural village walking tour. And then add some color to your day with fresh flowers, fruit, Burmese umbrellas, and other premium features to liven up your photographs as you explore Bagan. No matter what your taste, our Bagan private tours are a unique opportunity in Myanmar. Customize your Bagan itinerary today!

Customize Your Myanmar Tour Itinerary

What if I want to design my own tour?
No matter what your taste or interests, our private tours are a unique opportunity in Myanmar.

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