Our Myanmar Tour Philosophy

Our sightseeing and photography tours are led by a team of professional Burmese and Western guides who pride themselves on professionalism and responsible tourism. Three Treasures is a locally-owned, western-managed social enterprise created to promote sustainable tourism and improve local livelihoods in Myanmar.  This isn’t just empty talk or a company policy. We work closely with our founding non-profit, Myanmar SEEDS, to re-invest our tour income in community projects in Bagan. On our tours you will see firsthand the projects supported by your tour fees.   

The activities themselves were well organised, excellent equipment, with every little detail thought of and considered – plus wonderful food! Nothing was too much effort.


Authentic Interactions with Locals

Interacting with locals, exchanging ideas and inspiration with communities that becomes a unique and memorable “off-the-beaten-track” experience. Be transformed by the astonishing landscapes, exhilarating experiences, magical culture and postcard-perfect moments. Make new friends, learn traditional skills, and capture lasting memories on your Bagan tour. 

Thandar Oo with "Grandma"
Thandar Oo with “Grandma”

You will be enjoying these experiences with locals, in harmony with their traditional customs and traditions. As a guest of our host villages and their communities, you enjoy an entirely different perspective than packaged group tours can provide. Our absolute priority is that you have an outstanding, memorable experience of responsible travel in Bagan that delivers value for money while supporting local communities.

Customized Private Tours in Bagan

We specialize in individualized, one- and two-day Bagan itineraries that deliver engaging activities and experiences from sunrise to sunset. Traveling with us you get an incredible tour bringing together otherwise hard-to-combine elements. As Bagan locals, we’ve chosen our favorite places for you: the “must-sees” and a few hidden gems to create affordable, authentic and eco-friendly tours for you to craft your perfect Bagan holiday.

Multiple Transport Options Available

Bagan horse cart
Guests enjoying a Bagan horse cart tour

Each itinerary is custom-tailored to the wishes of our guests. Transport options include e-bikes (electric scooters), horse cart, mountain bikes, private local boats, ox cart, and air-conditioned taxi. You have your choice to experience Bagan the way you want to.

Bagan for Foodies

Bagan’s abundance of stunning landscapes lends itself perfectly to outdoor dining at its finest. Whether on your own private Irrawaddy river cruise or out in the bush, treat yourself to an intimate dining experience. In the dry season, request a romantic lunch for two on the banks of the river – and sit back as the cool water flows past your toes. Lunch is also available at select local restaurants or included as a private riverside barbeque on selected itineraries. 

Through your participation in responsible travel in Myanmar, much-needed income goes directly to local communities in Bagan. Your tourism spend provides employment opportunities, capacity building, and hope to real local people.

Where Does My Money Go?

Responsible Travel: Sustainable, Ethical, Local

During challenging times, many visitors are concerned about where their tourism spend will go. We understand that.

Our mission is to foster responsible and sustainable livelihoods through community-based responsible travel. We are the first social enterprise launched by the Swiss-registered nonprofit association Myanmar SEEDS(Sustainable Economic & Environmental Development Society). As such, we have no political interests in Myanmar and seek to support the most vulnerable members of the community through our work and business practices.

Fair-Trade, Living Wages

Your tour fees support living-wage salaries for our staff, including medical care, paid holidays, and year-round compensation. All community participants are compensated for their time and effort when participating in our activities. Additionally, as a local social enterprise, we conduct our own training programs and community development projects in the areas around Bagan. These include organic gardens, English training, photography courses, women’s programs, and childhood education.

All guests have the opportunity to meet firsthand the local people who directly benefit from your tourism spend in Myanmar.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Three Treasures does not discriminate based on national origin, gender, religious affiliation, age, mobility, nor sexual/gender preference. We serve and hire all, fairly and equally. Whenever possible, we seek to source our staff, services, and materials from small, ethical, local suppliers.

Child Protection Policy

While we understand that children are cute and charismatic, especially in local Myanmar villages, we strongly believe that children are not tourist attractions, nor are they cheap labor. 

Responsible tourism includes protecting the rights of children. Three Treasures does not allow child labor in our activities. We do not offer school or orphanage tours as these can be disruptive and compromise the dignity of the children. Neither staff nor guests are permitted to be alone with children at any time. 

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