An intimate look into the amazing lives of local people, their culture, and communities that make Myanmar such a unique place to visit.

We’ll spend most of our day on foot, experiencing the sights and sounds of rural village life. Learn traditional organic farming practices and take a ride on an ox-cart through sandy village paths rarely visited by outsiders. Photograph artisans crafting their bamboo wares, working with local fabrics, and bringing temple murals to life through sand paintings. 

We will explore several different communities and sites throughout the day, traveling by taxi, e-bike, mountain bike, or horse cart. Once in the villages, we will spend most of our time on foot, visiting our neighbors in their workshops and on their farms.

What to bring:

  • camera or smartphone
  • sunblock
  • hat
  • umbrella
  • slip-off shoes (sandals or flip-flops)

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