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Responsible Travel: Sustainable, Ethical, Local

During challenging times, many visitors are concerned about where their tourism spend will go. We understand that.

Our mission is to foster responsible and sustainable livelihoods through community-based responsible travel. We are the first social enterprise launched by the Swiss-registered nonprofit association Myanmar SEEDS (Sustainable Economic & Environmental Development Society). As such, we have no political interests in Myanmar and seek to support the most vulnerable members of the community through our work and business practices.

Fair-Trade, Living Wages

Your tour fees support living-wage salaries for our staff, including medical care, paid holidays, and year-round compensation. All community participants are compensated for their time and effort when participating in our activities. Additionally, as a local social enterprise, we conduct our own training programs and community development projects in the areas around Bagan. These include organic gardens, English training, photography courses, women’s programs, and childhood education.

All guests have the opportunity to meet firsthand the local people who directly benefit from your tourism spend in Myanmar.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Three Treasures does not discriminate based on national origin, gender, religious affiliation, age, mobility, nor sexual/gender preference. We serve and hire all, fairly and equally. Whenever possible, we seek to source our staff, services, and materials from small, ethical, local suppliers.

Child Protection Policy

While we understand that children are cute and charismatic, especially in local Myanmar villages, we strongly believe that children are not tourist attractions, nor are they cheap labor. 

Responsible tourism includes protecting the rights of children. Three Treasures does not allow child labor in our activities. We do not offer school or orphanage tours as these can be disruptive and compromise the dignity of the children. Neither staff nor guests are permitted to be alone with children at any time.