Bagan Crafting Classes

Our Bagan sand painter at work
Our Bagan sand painter at work

Hands-on with Burmese Artisans

Learn about traditional Burmese arts and crafts such as sand painting and the many uses of bamboo as building and craft material in Myanmar during our hands-on crafting classes in family-owned village workshops within the Bagan monument zone. These are especially suitable for families and cultural travelers keen to learn more about the places and people they visit.

Bamboo Crafting Class Highlights

We begin with a walking tour of a dry-zone agricultural village to see firsthand how local people in Bagan are coping with the effects of climate change. We will gain an understanding of Bagan’s natural environment, climate, and how villagers find creative solutions to the challenges of the hot and dry climate using natural materials. You will visit a family workshop in a rural village where the entire family participates in the traditional artisanal crafting of bamboo and lacquer ware products and souvenirs. You will have the opportunity to try the techniques these artists use to transform stalks of bamboo 7-9 meters long into beautiful and durable household wares and ceremonial utensils. It’s harder than it looks!

Bagan Sand Painting Class Highlights

Learn about traditional art and ancient history while marveling at spectacular mural paintings and stone carvings of mystic creatures. Express your creative side and make your own souvenir with the guidance of a local sand painting artisan. Your patient guide will captivate you with tales of temple legends while keeping everyone engaged.

Includes fresh coffee/tea and local snacks.
Duration: 1-2 hours
Availability: morning, afternoon

We got to meet at the village and start walking around and know about the real local lives. And we got to visit a bamboo crafting workshop run by a family of 9 and we can see the whole process of how skillful to make a lacquerware. We are really impressed and this place sells at a fair trade price and they deserved it.

Choi, Hong Kong (via Tripadvisor)

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