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Yangon’s Abandoned Amusement Park

This site has become legendary online among photographers for its post-apocalyptic vibe. There is an adrenaline rush to entering such a hauntingly cinematic scene and exciting for creative photographers to explore the decaying rides of the park. … Read More

Top 5 Bagan Hotels for Couples

Searching for amazing, good-value accommodation in Bagan as a base for your temple adventures? Here are our recommendations for Bagan hotels for couples. … Read More

5 Must-See Bagan Temples

You can not expect to visit all pagodas within short time periods of your vacation. But you should not miss these top 5 pagodas in Bagan when you visit. … Read More

5 Dishes to Try in Myanmar Tea Shops

When you arrive in Myanmar, you will notice and see many tea shops with small low tables and chairs everywhere. This is part of Myanmar culture. … Read More

Thanaka – Myanmar “Face Painting”

It’s called “Thanaka”, a natural sunscreen and traditional Burmese cosmetic. … Read More

Do’s and Don’ts for Myanmar Tourists

Although Myanmar has slowly been opening up to the outside world after decades of isolation, its unique culture can sometimes be confusing to foreign visitors. Simple things like language, hand gestures, and social norms can present new challenges. To help … Read More

Travel Photography Workshops in Myanmar

Yangon Street Photography Walk

Thank you! A big “thank you” to all participants in our Yangon Street Photography Walk fundraiser for Myanmar SEEDS on Saturday, June 3! We had a lovely time strolling around downtown, training our eyes to capture colorful moments in Myanmar’s … Read More

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