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Value for Money

These are average prices for our activities and tour experiences. Due to the high cost of imported goods and motorized transport in the Bagan area, your final price will depend upon your choice of transportation and tour amenities. We do not take nor accept commissions from any restaurants, hotels, or workshops. Contact us to discuss your options and request a quote.

Individualised Small-Group & Private Tours

For guests who prefer a private, customised experience we offer the highest level of service and expertise Bagan has to offer. All tours are supported by at least one professional guide and multiple local support staff and assistants to ensure that your every wish is catered to. We collaborate with you to craft the perfect itinerary and make dreams happen. Read more about our qualifications and awards on our Team Page.

For guests who prefer to meet fellow travelers on their day out in Bagan, we occasionally offer small group tours on a join-in basis. Average group size is 2-4 guests; maximum group size is eight guests.


2018-2019 Tour Pricing

Tour Length Duration Average Price Per Person
Half Day 4-5 hours $85-95 USD
Full Day 8-9 hours $125 USD
Sunrise-to-Sunset 12-14 hours $150 USD


  • Pricing based on 2 guests

We guarantee that we provide the highest-quality experience and service in Bagan. The locations are very suitable for photography. We are flexible and can visit different sites and locations depending on your goals and preferences. Feel free to provide more specific information about what you would like to see, experience or photograph and we will do our best to provide the best experience possible. If there is anything you wish to avoid, please also let us know.

We have a cooperative relationship with several local villages that includes their participation in the tour and they also receive a share of your tour fee (included). No additional donations are requested.