Bagan Discovery Ebike Tour


The chill of the morning air is surprising for the tropics. A seemingly endless array of small spires reach for the sky across the Bagan plain. Our guide leads us through the acacia trees and paper flowers. In the first light of day we follow a narrow, sandy path to reach an isolated temple. This is where we will view the sunrise over Bagan.

First we remove our shoes, then bow slightly to enter the inner chamber. A large, golden shrine and Buddha statue is illuminated by candles. The smell of incense wafts through the corridor as we make our way up the stairs to the viewing area. 

The sun is just peeking over the mountain range to the East. To the west, the Irrawaddy river. We can see the hot air balloons rising. A rainbow of color over the temples of Bagan at sunrise. We’ve traveled so far, across oceans and continents to be here. 

Raising my camera to look through the viewfinder, I know a single photo won’t capture it all. The panorama view, the plants, the sounds of the people in the nearby village. 

Bagan Ebike Tour with Village Walk

If you have only one day to explore Bagan, our Bagan Discovery Tour is for you! Enjoy freedom and spontaneity on this guided Bagan ebike tour of selected sites and villages within the Bagan monument zone.

Away from the crowds, start your day at sunrise as you watch the sun cast its first morning rays from behind Tuyin Taung, a hilltop stupa said to contain relics of the historical Buddha. Marvel at the hot-air balloons as they drift over the Buddhist “Plain of Merit”. Farmers pass by with ox carts, cows, and goats as we slowly make our way to a secluded area for outdoor breakfast including fresh-pressed Myanmar organic coffee/tea, tropical fruits, and local pastries.

Our tours don’t use a fixed itinerary. Customize your Bagan ebike tour the way you want.

Experience Traditional Myanmar Village Life

We take a leisurely pace to enjoy the sights and sounds of Myanmar daily life and festivals. Farmers pass by with ox carts, cows, and goats as we slowly make our way to a secluded area for outdoor breakfast including fresh-pressed Myanmar organic coffee/tea, tropical fruits, and local pastries. You may want to introduce yourself, share a piece of fruit and take a photograph with a local farmer, working the land as generations of these agricultural communities have for centuries.

Want to learn more about daily life in the villages of Bagan? We’ll take a walk through a small village of less than 100 households, each with their own traditional role in the community. Learn about the unique climate and agriculture of the dry zone and the challenges these communities face in the era of climate change. Get a closer look at artisanal bamboo and lacquerware crafting methods and enjoy a cup of green tea in a family workshop.

  • Ebike tour of Bagan with temple sunrise
  • Open air breakfast
  • Visit secret spots with English-speaking local guide
  • Visit local family workshops
  • Guided village walk
  • Great photo opportunities

Day 1

05:30 – 06:00: Meet at your hotel in Bagan. Orientation and travel to less-crowded temple for sunrise balloon viewing.

06:00 – 07:30: Sunrise balloon viewing

07:30 – 10:30: Open-air breakfast including fresh coffee/tea, fruit, and local pastries served on site. Introduction to Buddhist philosophy, iconography, and meditation at our private pagoda. Introduction to Bagan’s historical context and rural village life within the Bagan monument zone. Learn about local agriculture and livelihoods of rainfed smallholder farms within the protected area.

10:30 – 12:30: Walking tour of agricultural village. Visit to family bamboo workshop to learn about the role of bamboo in Myanmar culture. Opportunity for hands-on experience with bamboo and lacquer ware crafting from local artisans.

12:30 – 14:00: Ebike travel for lunch at local restaurant per your preference

14:00 – 16:30: Guided ebike tour to of notable sites within Bagan monument zone.

16:30 – 18:30: Ebike ride to our secluded pagoda for sunset views. Non-alcoholic cold drinks provided.

18:30 – 19:00: Return to hotel by ebike

  • E bike rental
  • Experienced English-speaking licensed tour guide
  • Outdoor breakfast
  • Chilled drinks all day
  • Bagan Archaeological Zone fees
  • Lunch

Trip Facts

  • $129USD per person
  • hotel pickup & drop off, e bike
  • horse cart, mountain bike, taxi, private boat